Workshop VII


Visual Direction: Changing the Course of Education

Nature and Needs of G/T Learners, Social & Emotional Needs of G/T Learners, and Creativity & Instructional Strategies

There are 79 million students in the United States, and 3.7 million teachers. That’s just over 21 students per teacher, certainly manageable. But have teachers adapted to the 21st century learning styles of our students? Have the physical structure of our schools and classrooms adapted? Have the tools and methodology been updated to complement the way students learn best? Perhaps it is time to change the course of education.

Content – Activities are practical, easy-to-implement applications that include:

– Gifted & Talented Standards

– Gifted Students: Practical Recommendations & Interventions for Teachers

– Costa’s Habits of Mind

– Emotional Needs of Gifted Students

– The Five C’s for Motivating Bright Students

– 25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

– Emotional Needs: Growing Up Gifted

– Ten Reasons Why Your Gifted Student Procrastinates

– Anchor Activities: What are they & why use them?

– Enhancing Thinking Out of the Box Strategies

– Musical Therapy In the Classroom

– Understanding the Digital Generation

– Seven Characteristics of a Digitally Competent Teacher

–  Five Reasons Why YouTube Rocks in the Classroom

–  Education Gamification: 10 Examples That Will Change Our World

– Multiple Menu Model for Developing the Differentiated Curriculum 

– The Six Levels of Lifetime Critical Thinking

– The Four Levels of Depth of Knowledge

– Conceptual Learning

  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Project Based Learning

– Art History: How not to let go of the arts when the budgetary ax falls

– Testing Creativity

– Creating Visual Stories

– STAAR Stomach? Ten Tips to Ease Student Anxiety

– 30 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning