Description: It is hard to argue with the observation that the generation of students now moving into and through our educational system is by far the most visually stimulated generation that our system has ever had to teach. In fact, research shows that 65% of our students are visual learners. Our hands-on research-based workshops are designed to provide practical, effective strategies that optimize the teaching and learning process, while complementing existing programs and curricula. Workshop participants learn teaching strategies and techniques that increase student achievement in each module’s content areas.


Objectives of the Visual Teacher Alliance for the Gifted & Talented (VTA) Gifted and Talented Workshop Modules are:

– Empowering students to challenge themselves academically
– Developing skills in logic and creative thinking
– Nurturing student self-expression and development of talent

VTA provides opportunities for children in grades Pre-K-12 to grow and be challenged through:

– differentiated instruction in the classroom
– interdisciplinary motivational activities
– independent studies
– grade and subject acceleration (if qualified)
– extracurricular activities                                                                                                         

Each workshop module is 6-hours of hands-on/eyes-on activities designed to integrate visual teaching skills into the subject-specific curricula.



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