Meet Edison – Teaching Coding, Robotics & STEAM to G/T Students

This hands-on workshop is designed to teach participants programming options. The workshop can be a 2-hour portion of each of our 6-hour annual updates, including the 30-hour G/T Foundation Training.

Every participant will receive Edison to use in the workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will take their robots (theirs to keep!) to use in their schools to teach coding to their students (limit 1 per participant, 2 per school). There is no additional charge for the robot or access to online curriculum and resources.

Edison is the perfect tool to help learn and teach coding, robotics and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) in a fun and engaging way. Hands-on material/activities include:

Programming Edison – Barcodes, EdBlocks (drag-and-drop), EdScratch (drag-and-drop with text inputs) & EdPy (text-based coding).

Teaching With Edison – What to teach first & teaching programming options.

Troubleshooting & Resources