Timothy Gangwer


Timothy Gangwer, M.A.
CEO, Professional Development Specialist

    • Taught 10 years in the Houston Independent School District
    • University Supervisor, University of Texas, Austin
    • Certified National Diffusion Network Trainer, U.S. Department of Education
    • Texas Association of Gifted & Talented approved trainer in the areas of the Nature and Needs of G/T Learners; Identification & Assessment; Social & Emotional Needs of G/T Learners; Creativity and Instructional Strategies and; the Differentiated Curriculum.
    • Trained over 200,000 educators since 1986
    • Author of Visual Impact, Visual Teaching: Using Images to Strengthen Learning – From Both Sides of the Desk: The Best Teacher I Never Had – American Holidaze, and coauthor of 7 books and numerous articles                                                                              new-bookFBSD American Holidaze
    • Coauthor of “English Works in America – EL Civics & ESL: Visual Communication Tools for Teachers”                                                                           EWiA
    • National/International keynote speaker
    • Author, Visual Literacy and the Visual Teacher”, SEEN Magazine, Fall 2016, Vol. 18.2, p. 102
    • Author, “Exploring the 21st Century Literacies”SEEN Magazine, Winter 2017, Vol. 18.3, p.43