Workshop I


Visual Teaching Strategies for the G/T Classroom: Encouraging Attitudes of Excellence, Creativity & Leadership

It is hard to argue with the observation that the generation of students now moving into and through our educational system is by far the most visually stimulated generation that system has ever had to teach.  In fact, research shows that 65% of our students are visual learners.   This “hands-on” research-based workshop is designed to provide practical, effective strategies that optimize the teaching and learning process while complementing existing programs and curricula. Workshop participants will learn teaching strategies and techniques to increase student achievement in the following areas:

Brain-Compatible Strategies: Brain-Based learning is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, systemwide approach based on the way current research in neuroscience suggests our brain naturally learns best.
– The 12 Brain Rules
– Lateral Thinking Skills
– Utilizing the Visual Cortex for Retention
– Using Color and Music as Teaching Tools
– Music Therapy In the Classroom
– Neurobics
– Differentiated Curriculum
Methods of Visual Learning
– Encoding and Decoding Visual Representation for STAAR
– Identifying Visual Internal/External Learners
– Constructing Visual Thinking Maps
– Creating Watergraphs™ (photographic watercolor renderings)
– How to Promote Creativity
– Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain
– Strengthening Visual Perception & Visual Awareness Skills
– General & Digital Photography Tips
– 12 Ways to Teach Your Visual Learner
Visual Teaching Strategies
– Full Spectrum Visual Literacy: Encoding & Decoding
– Passive, Neutral, & Active Visual Communication Skills
– Active and Performance-based Learning
– Dynamic Translation
– Writing With Images
– Multidisciplinary Approach
– Technology-based Instruction
Related Topics
– Cognitive – Affective – Physiological Learning Styles
– 10 Innovative Learning Strategies for Modern Pedagogy
– STAAR: 10 Tips to Ease Student Anxiety
– 30 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning