Workshop V


In Search of the 21st Century G/T Classroom – The Visual Quest

This “hands-on” research-based workshop is designed to provide practical, effective strategies that optimize the teaching and learning process, while complementing existing programs and curricula. The framework is designed to bring 21st century skills to 21st century learners.  The workshop transforms the technological comfort zone of our students into educational tools and strategies.  The goal is to meet the paradigm shift head-on and teach the way students learn best.
Content – Activities are practical, easy-to-implement applications that complement the four strands of the G/T Curriculum Framework “Scholars & Knowledge”, including:
– Differentiated Curriculum
– Exploring Our Technological Footprints
– Using Skype (Video-conferencing) & Google + Hangouts in the Classroom
– Cell Phones in the Classroom: From Toy to Tool
– 23 Years of the World Wide Web
– Cyberbullying: Definition & Prevention & Tips for Parents
– iPods/iPads in the Classroom: Teacher – Student – Parent Connection
– 21st Century Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy
– Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Students
– Internet Safety Rules
– 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Should Have
– You Are a 21st Century Teacher if…
– Future Classrooms
– Virtual Reality & Video Games in the Classroom: Myths & Benefits
– Electronic Portfolios: Professional & Student-Based
– Digital Storytelling: Hardware/Software & Resources
– Visual Journaling
– Music Therapy In the Classroom
– Authentic vs. Traditional Assessment
– Independent Investigation Model: 7 Stages of Research
– 30 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning