Texas 30-Hour G/T Foundation Training




1. Choose any five of our seven,  six-hour workshops.

2. Select your five workshop dates.

3. Select your facility and the number of participants.

4. Call the Visual Teaching Alliance for the Gifted & Talented @ 512.567.7291 for pricing and availability.

Our Professional Development:

  • meshes with the work of teaching,
  • aligns with school goals, state and district standards and assessment, and other professional learning activities,
  • focuses on core content and modeling of teaching strategies for the content,
  • includes opportunities for active learning of new teaching strategies,
  • provides the chance for teachers to collaborate,
  • includes up-to-date resources, and
  • is intended to improve student learning.

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Angleton, Brazosport & Columbia-Brazoria Independent School Districts, Angleton, TX:

– Great sense of humor. Best G/T workshop I’ve attended in 20 years!! (5th/Social Studies & Early American History Teacher)

– Being a 2nd-year teacher, I would highly recommend that 1st-year teachers attend these G/T courses as they are a great source of information. (7/History Teacher)

– Organized, entertaining and knowledgeable. Good STEM activities. (1/Self-contained Teacher)

– Of all prior G/T classes I’ve attended, this has been the most informational and enjoyable. (2/Math & Spanish Teacher)

– Excellent training! Very interactive with lots of great ideas! (6/ELAR Teacher)

– Unique presentations that force one to think critically. (4/Science Teacher)

– Very informative, upbeat, good pace. (10/Biology & 12/Anatomy/Physiology Teacher)

– Loved the activities – great way to break up the day. (K-4 Reading Intervention Teacher)

– Fast-paced, straight to the point, good stories to relate to the material, and good activities. (4/ Reading, Writing, Social Studies Teacher)

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Marion & Luling Independent School Districts, Marion, TX:

– Mr. Gangwer gives a variety of resources that can be used at all grade levels. He is funny, and really knows a lot about G/T students, and all students alike! (Kindergarten Teacher)

– Did a great job of establishing rapport with the audience. Liked engaging activities. (6-12 Teacher)

– The courses were packed with resources integral to the 21st-century classroom. (5th ELAR Teacher)

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Sharyland Independent School District, Mission, TX:

– Very thorough information, research, and preparation. Lots and lots of tools and strategies to pull from! (8th Grade ELA Teacher)

– Mr. Gangwer’s experience makes him a highly qualified presenter. He is very informed and establishes a great relationship with his audience. (1st Grade Teacher)

– The workshops were a wonderful, well-organized learning experience. Kept us engaged! (2nd Grade Teacher)

– Enjoyed the activities and will use them in class. (7th Grade Science Teacher)

– I’ve learned why not only G/T students but for ALL students AND their instructors must learn to see/think outside the box. (High School U.S. History Teacher)

– I really enjoyed these workshops. Technology is an extremely beneficial tool to use in the classroom and through these workshops, I have acquired a great deal of technology I can use in my classroom. (9th & 11th Grade Geography Teacher)

– I would suggest other teachers attend this professional development series. Very good sessions! (2nd Grade ELA Teacher)

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Georgetown Independent School District, Georgetown, TX:

  • Awesome presentations! Very engaging!
  • I enjoyed the group work!
  • The presenter was right on target!
  • Super engaging days!
  • You are indeed a professional educator of educators. Thank you!

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Lamar Consolidated Independent School Districts, Rosenberg, TX:

I really appreciate how Mr. Gangwer addressed the topics. He is very creative, innovative and fun. His presentations are outstanding!

Amazingly meaningful and super engaging.

Mr. Gangwer is definitely prepared and I will definitely apply the material to my classroom. Thank you!

Lots of useful ideas to use with my GT students in my classroom! He is animated and motivates me.

A nice boost of inspiration and reflection.

Mr. Gangwer was able to answer any questions and completely stayed on topic for the objectives that were to be covered. He provided SO many resources for me to implement immediately.

I learned things I can apply to my classroom on Monday without having to buy anything!

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Gainesville Independent School District, Gainesville, TX:

I learned quite a bit in this training, especially about new technology tools in the classroom. I enjoyed the interactive activities to break up the day; hands-on, collaborative, etc. (Kindergarten)

I enjoyed the stories you shared about working with different students. Please do more of it! Inspiring stories are what teachers love and are encouraged by. 

I liked all the stories that helped bring the concepts full circle. All of the “Think Tanks” were unique and engaging. I enjoyed the stories and your sense of humor. (1st Grade)

Your activities covered the material well and had great connections. (10th Grade)

I would recommend this training, not only for GT teachers but for all teachers as well. (6th Grade)

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