Texas 30-Hour G/T Foundation Training






1. Choose any five of our seven,  six-hour workshops.

2. Select your five workshop dates.

3. Select your facility and the number of participants.

4. Call the Visual Teaching Alliance for the Gifted & Talented @ 512.567.7291 for pricing and availability.

Our Professional Development:

  • meshes with the work of teaching,
  • aligns with school goals, state and district standards and assessment, and other professional learning activities,
  • focuses on core content and modeling of teaching strategies for the content,
  • includes opportunities for active learning of new teaching strategies,
  • provides the chance for teachers to collaborate,
  • includes up-to-date resources, and
  • is intended to improve student learning.

Participant comments from the 30-Hour Foundation Training for the Angleton, Brazosport & Columbia-Brazoria Independent School Districts, Angleton, TX:

– Great sense of humor. Best G/T workshop I’ve attended in 20 years!! (5th/Social Studies & Early American History Teacher)

– Being a 2nd-year teacher, I would highly recommend that 1st-year teachers attend these G/T courses as they are a great source of information. (7/History Teacher)

– Organized, entertaining and knowledgeable. Good STEM activities. (1/Self-contained Teacher)

– Of all prior G/T classes I’ve attended, this has been the most informational and enjoyable. (2/Math & Spanish Teacher)

– Excellent training! Very interactive with lots of great ideas! (6/ELAR Teacher)

– Unique presentations that force one to think critically. (4/Science Teacher)

– Very informative, upbeat, good pace. (10/Biology & 12/Anatomy/Physiology Teacher)

– Loved the activities – great way to break up the day. (K-4 Reading Intervention Teacher)

– Fast-paced, straight to the point, good stories to relate to the material, and good activities. (4/ Reading, Writing, Social Studies Teacher)

Marion & Luling Independent School Districts, Marion, TX:

– Mr. Gangwer gives a variety of resources that can be used at all grade levels. He is funny, and really knows a lot about G/T students, and all students alike! (Kindergarten Teacher)

– Did a great job of establishing rapport with the audience. Liked engaging activities. (6-12 Teacher)

– The courses were packed with resources integral to the 21st-century classroom. (5th ELAR Teacher)

Sharyland Independent School District, Mission, TX:

– Very thorough information, research, and preparation. Lots and lots of tools and strategies to pull from! (8th Grade ELA Teacher)

– Mr. Gangwer’s experience makes him a highly qualified presenter. He is very informed and establishes a great relationship with his audience. (1st Grade Teacher)

– The workshops were a wonderful, well-organized learning experience. Kept us engaged! (2nd Grade Teacher)

– Enjoyed the activities and will use them in class. (7th Grade Science Teacher)

– I’ve learned why not only G/T students but ALL students AND their instructors must learn to see/think outside the box. (High School U.S. History Teacher)

– I really enjoyed these workshops. Technology is an extremely beneficial tool to use in the classroom and through these workshops, I have acquired a great deal of technology I can use in my classroom. (9th & 11th Grade Geography Teacher)

– I would suggest other teachers attend this professional development series. Very good sessions! (2nd Grade ELA Teacher)

Georgetown Independent School District, Georgetown, TX

  • Awesome presentations! Very engaging!
  • I enjoyed the group work!
  • The presenter was right on target!
  • Super engaging days!
  • You are indeed a professional educator of educators. Thank you!

Texas Education Agency Requirements